The information contained below is based upon our interpretation of the statutes, our experience in family law and what we think most judges will order with this experience in mind.

In family law, many situations look hopeless to the parties going through the problem. However, there is always hope that if one does the right thing, it will turn out ok.  For example, in a child custody or parenting time case if there is a claim that one of the parties has a drug or alcohol problem, that claim can completely change the court’s order if not corrected. If the one who the claim is made against can show that they can resolve the issue by testing, rehabilitation, or by taking other similar steps, a positive situation may come about. A judge will almost always give a party a “path to success”. If a party is willing to walk the path, proving to the court the person is entitled through his/her efforts, there will be a reward by the court. If you have any questions, please call our office as we would be happy to advise you further.