How to Get a Quick Divorce in Arizona

Scottsdale lawyer offers time-saving strategies to dissolve your marriage

Once you’ve decided to get a divorce, you want the process to be over as quickly as possible. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., we heartily agree. There is no shortage of online services that promise quick, do-it-yourself divorces. Unfortunately, taking that route can leave you vulnerable to costly mistakes you’ll regret for a long time to come. If you’re wondering how to get a quick divorce in Arizona the safe way, start with a consultation at our Scottsdale law firm.

Getting a quick uncontested divorce in Arizona

An uncontested divorce means you and your spouse are not going to court over alimony, child custody, child support or the division of marital property. Most couples reach a settlement agreement through negotiation, but mediation can be helpful in disputes over such issues as parenting time schedules. You skip going to court, avoiding not only a trial but also pretrial discovery procedures, such as interrogatories, depositions and expert witness consultations. Once all terms are agreed upon, you can obtain a consent decree dissolving the marriage, which can even be obtained by mail.

Tips for a fast divorce

Preparation is one key to getting a fast divorce. That includes deciding on what you want and taking steps to spot issues that will need resolution. If you have kids, custody can be a major issue that requires careful thought and planning. You should also take stock of your finances — both jointly and individually held — so that you’re fully informed in negotiating a property settlement. Just as important as preparation is your willingness to work cooperatively with your spouse and to compromise on key issues.

Your choice of lawyer to represent you is also vitally important. You should choose someone who puts your needs first and will make every effort to give you the quick divorce you want. An experienced attorney can advise you on the best way to prepare for the process and how to get the greatest cooperation from your spouse. A knowledgeable attorney will also be up to the task of efficiently assembling the paperwork for the filings and court appearances.

How fast can you get divorced in Arizona?

Arizona has a 60-day waiting period for divorce, starting on the date the petition is filed. That’s the quickest possible time frame, but 90 days to 120 days is more realistic for most uncontested divorces. Time frames can vary according to county, depending on how busy the courts are.

Benefits of a quick divorce

Getting divorced quickly can save you quite a bit of money on legal fees. It’s also less stressful than a dissolution that drags on for months with no end in sight. Because we care about your checkbook and your emotional health, a Scottsdale divorce lawyer at our firm works closely with you to make the process as fast and easy as possible.

What is a no-fault divorce in Arizona?

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, so there’s already less to worry about. You don’t have to allege or prove marital misconduct, such as adultery or cruelty. You simply have to assert that the marital relationship is irretrievably broken due to irreconcilable differences.

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