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How parents will share time with their children can be the most difficult issue to resolve in a divorce. In Arizona, before a divorce can be finalized, the parties must submit a proposed parenting plan to the court, settling issues of custody and visitation. Parenting plans are required whether custody is sought for one parent or for both jointly. The public policy served by this requirement is that finding common ground promotes a mutually respectful relationship that will foster their children’s welfare. At the Scottsdale office of Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., we work to create parenting plans that further this laudable goal.

Giving comprehensive treatment to all child-rearing concerns

Parenting plans address such common considerations as the time physically spent with each parent and the allocation of decision-making responsibilities. They cover such activities and concerns as:

  • Education and extracurriculars — School and outside activities are important to children’s growth and development. Setting a schedule for who will handle each aspect of education and extracurricular activities can give the child an assurance of stability.
  • Holidays — Parents and children cherish holiday traditions and memories of time spent together. The parenting plan can determine in advance where a child will spend the holidays, thereby preventing disputes. For example, a child may alternate between households every Christmas or spend every Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other.
  • Travel and relocation — A parenting plan can set forth how parents should notify each other of travel dates and details, such as contact information. Provisions can also allow or prohibit either parent from moving a significant distance away. The Arizona relocation statute prohibits a long-distance move (interstate or 100+ miles) unless it is in the child’s best interest. The plan could also cover overnight visitation requirements.
  • Medical and healthcare — A parenting plan can describe how a child’s health insurance is to be provided as well as how parents should communicate about medical diagnoses, treatments, medications and other health concerns.

Each Arizona parenting plan must include a statement recognizing that joint custody does not necessarily mean equal parenting time. Plans for joint legal custody must be reviewed periodically.

Proactive Scottsdale attorneys address current and future custody concerns

We work to craft custody arrangements that serve the evolving needs of parents and children. Our attorneys understand that the most effective parenting plans address not only the issues you face today, but also those you’ll face as your children grow older. For each plan, we help parents consider:

  • Each child’s needs — Proximity to school, friends or healthcare providers is important to a child’s happiness or safety. The individual needs of each child must be evaluated.
  • Parent-child relationships — Each parent’s involvement with their children prior to divorce can help determine how responsibilities are to be divided going forward. Every parent has their own strengths and unique connections with their children.
  • What works for parents — A divorce may result in significant lifestyle changes, including new working hours and living arrangements. Parenting time schedules should reflect each parent’s availability and ability to spend quality time with their children.
  • Each child’s wants — A child’s own preferences, though not controlling, should be taken into account. A child may feel more comfortable spending time with one parent or with having one parent more involved in certain aspects of their life.

When you enlist our legal team for your parenting plan, you can count on a creative and thoughtful approach to the issues that affect your family.

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