Changing Lawyers in an Arizona Divorce

Scottsdale divorce lawyers help avoid issues when taking over cases

Changing lawyers in an Arizona divorce may be necessary if you are not satisfied with the legal counsel you are receiving. Our experienced divorce lawyers at Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., have helped many clients in Scottsdale and throughout Maricopa County achieve favorable outcomes in property division, child custody and all the concerns that must be resolved when a marriage ends. If you are considering switching lawyers, we can advise you about the steps involved in making a smooth transition.  

Why switching divorce lawyers might be necessary

Some of the common reasons a person may change lawyers include the following:

  • The client doesn’t get along with or trust their current lawyer
  • There are communication issues
  • There are concerns about legal fees and other costs
  • The lawyer isn’t meeting the client’s expectations
  • There is a lack of progress in the divorce case
  • The lawyer has acted unethically.

You are within your rights to hire a new lawyer to handle your divorce if your current representation is not meeting expectations.

Evaluating your current legal representation in divorce

It can be worthwhile to speak to your current lawyer and let them know why you are thinking of switching. Depending on your concerns, there may be a resolution that will allow you to retain the attorney. There are both pros and cons to starting over with a new lawyer. Your divorce may become more expensive because your new lawyer will need to review documents and court filings to get up-to-date on your case, which means additional legal fees. On the other hand, if your new lawyer brings a fresh perspective and is more effective in representing you, you could come out in a better overall financial situation despite the higher fees. We can answer your questions and help you understand the pros and cons of switching lawyers based on your unique circumstances and case. 

The importance of a smooth transition

A smooth transition from one attorney to another is key to keeping your divorce on track. When you are thinking of getting a new lawyer, here are a few tips:

  • Review your agreement with the lawyer to understand the terms and steps required to end the relationship
  • Understand the fees that you have already paid, who keeps them and whether other monies are owed
  • Before firing your old lawyer, have a new attorney lined up to take your case so there are no gaps in representation   
  • Send a termination letter to your old attorney that officially states the date when the relationship ends

Our skilled divorce lawyers can help you better understand your rights and obligations in switching attorneys as well as the procedural steps involved.

Choosing the right new divorce lawyer in Arizona

You can find possible new divorce lawyers by getting recommendations, reviewing websites and reading testimonials from previous clients. Here are some considerations once you have identified lawyers to contact:

  • Is the attorney responsive in scheduling a consultation with you?
  • Do they answer your questions about their background and experience in a straightforward and seemingly honest way?
  • Do they adequately explain their fees and how billing is handled?
  • Will the attorney you are meeting with in the consultation be the one representing you?
  • How will you communicate with them, and how often?

These are many things to consider when choosing the right lawyers. Our divorce attorneys are highly respected in the Maricopa County community, with our attention to client service and dedication to reaching the best possible outcomes.  

Transferring documentation to a new divorce lawyer

Once you have officially notified your previous attorney that you are changing lawyers, they will transfer documentation to your new lawyer so the attorney can come up to speed on your case. Your new lawyer will notify the court and opposing counsel that they are now handling your case. Additionally, attorney-client privilege remains in effect with your previous lawyer unless waived by you or your new attorney in writing.

Contact our experienced divorce law firm in Scottsdale for assistance

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