Scottsdale Lawyers Handle Your High-Conflict Child Custody Case

Finding middle ground when custody issues turn contentious

The ideal situation is for both parents to share custody of their children after a divorce. But this is tough to accomplish when the parents cannot communicate civilly or when one parent has a problematic lifestyle. In cases in which it’s difficult for the parties to reach an agreement on child custody, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., our lawyers help clients find middle ground in high-conflict custody cases.

Alternatives to joint custody

Courts typically prefer joint custody agreements, but Arizona child custody lawyers know that this is not always an option, especially when domestic violence is involved. Under Section ARS 25-1061 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, a parent has the right to remove a child from an unsafe environment.

There are alternatives to joint custody, including:

  • Supervised visitation. In this arrangement, a parent may see his or her children only when supervised by a third party on which both parents agree or by court order. The parenting time may take place at a court-approved facility.
  • Sole custody. A full custody agreement in Arizona gives you exclusive legal custody of your children. It does not deny your ex-spouse parenting time, but you alone will have the authority to make legal decisions for your children.
  • No visitation. When there is a legitimate fear that the children would be in danger, a parent may be denied parenting time. A no-contact order is generally issued only in cases of physical abuse or drug use.
  • Overnight visitation. Having a good grasp of overnight visitation requirements in Arizona can help manage your child’s health and safety.

Protecting your children in a high-conflict custody case

Regardless of the disputes between you and your ex-spouse, you have an obligation to protect your children to the fullest extent possible. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., you meet with a trustworthy attorney who works hard to achieve your goals. Together, we’ll come up with a child custody arrangement that allows your children to grow up healthy and happy.

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