Enforcing Child Support in Arizona

Scottsdale firm works to secure the payment parents are owed

At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C. in Scottsdale, we are skillful family lawyers who are experienced at enforcing child support orders in Arizona. Whatever the reason for a parent shirking their legal obligation, a delay in child support could deprive your son or daughter of the funds they require for basic needs. Our firm can take effective steps to bring the delinquent parent into compliance.

What to do if the other parent does not pay child support?

Both you and your child suffer when a child support payments are missing, late or less than the ordered amount. You may wish to be understanding, particularly if your co-parent expresses a credible reason for failing to honor their obligation. However, allowing past due child support to accumulate might result in a situation where the noncustodial parent is unable to catch up. There are numerous ways to hold nonpaying parties accountable and our Scottsdale child support attorneys can help you find the method that works best in your situation.

What are child support arrears?

Child support arrears consist of the accumulated amount that was not paid in a timely manner and is still owed to the recipient parent. To discourage noncustodial parents from skipping out on their obligation, interest on child support arrears is charged at 10 percent per annum. There are programs that allow for some forgiveness for noncustodial parents who are unable to pay due to a specific hardship or other change in circumstances.

What if a parent can no longer make child support payments?

An initial child support determination is based on the circumstances that existed at the time. Obviously, financial fortunes can change. A paying father or mother might no longer have the ability to comply with the existing order because of job loss, injury or illness. It is possible to obtain a modification of child support terms, but this must be done through the court and usually must result in a difference of at least 15 percent in order to be approved. Rates cannot be changed retroactively, so it is critical to take prompt action if you feel a change is warranted.

How can you enforce child support in Arizona?

Arizona’s Division of Child Support Services oversees enforcement of child support orders. We can explain the various enforcement mechanisms that can be utilized to secure payment that is owed. If informal communications are not successful, our attorneys will petition the court for relief, which could include the withholding of income from the noncustodial parent and the suspension of their driver’s license or professional license until the required amount is provided.

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