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For various reasons, some couples do not want to divorce, but they no longer wish to live together and share assets. In Arizona, there is an alternative to divorce known as a legal separation. It provides all of the protections of a divorce without severing the marriage contract. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., we give you the guidance you need to move forward with a legal separation.

The benefits of a legal separation

Like a divorce in Arizona, a legal separation may include child custody, child support and alimony agreements and a division of property. Under Section 25-313 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, a court grants a legal separation only if both parties consent. The court will convert the separation to a divorce proceeding at the request of either party.

There are many benefits to a legal separation, including:

  • Health insurance. Some couples no longer wish to stay together, but know that one spouse is dependent on the other’s medical insurance. A legal separation allows the two to live apart while still benefiting from shared insurance.
  • Religious concerns. A legal separation is sometimes the only option for couples whose religion forbids divorce. This process allows them to maintain separate households without violating the tenets of their faith.
  • Possibility for reconciliation. Unlike a divorce, a legal separation is not permanent. The agreement may be dissolved if the couple chooses to reconcile and spares them from the process of getting legally married again.

Drafting the separation agreement that’s right for you

A legal separation agreement is just as binding as a divorce order, so it is important that you have an experienced attorney review the documents to make sure the agreement is fair. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., we’ll answer all of your questions and help create an agreement that reflects your goals.

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