Scottsdale Parental Alienation Attorneys Keep Children’s Interests in Forefront

Arizona lawyers help counter attempts by one parent to vilify the other

Maintaining a relationship with both parents is usually in a child’s best interests. Unfortunately, some divorced or divorcing parents try to discredit the other parent in the mind of the child. If you are an Arizona parent experiencing such conduct, you can count on a Scottsdale parental alienation attorney at Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C. to fight to stop it.

What is parental alienation syndrome?

Parental alienation syndrome is a psychological condition caused by an often narcissistic parent trying to turn a child away from the other parent. An affected child displays a preoccupation with criticizing and denigrating the alienated parent without good reason. If you suspect your child is affected by such conduct, we will investigate and take steps to protect your parental rights.

Effects of parental alienation on a child

As upsetting as parental alienation can be for you, it can be more emotionally harmful to your child. It undercuts the child’s relationship with you and makes co-parenting after divorce difficult or impossible. The child is also left vulnerable to the same behaviors and manipulations by the custodial parent that alienated the child from you. Later, when emancipated, the child may realize they suffered parental alienation syndrome, leaving them feeling guilty and causing them to break the bond of trust with the custodial parent. None of this is in the child’s best interest.

Examples of parental alienation

Your children might be suffering parental alienation syndrome if they display one of the following behaviors:

  • Irrational hatred of you that only began to occur recently
  • Vocally criticizing and belittling you for silly or nonsensical reasons
  • Criticizing you alone for negative conduct or traits that apply equally to the other parent
  • Parroting allegations and criticisms of you made by the other parent
  • Always siding with the other parent during family disagreements
  • Resisting visits with you
  • Trying or threatening to run away or to harm themselves if they are required to spend time with you
  • Lack of guilt over mistreating you

If you notice these or other signs of parental alienation, contact us and let us help before it becomes more severe.

What should you do if you suspect parental alienation?

If you see any signs of parental alienation, you must act quickly before it becomes more serious. Even if the court has already issued a custody order, you can seek to have it modified. Once you retain us as your counsel, we will investigate thoroughly, file the necessary petitions and supporting documents and present evidence and expert testimony to the court in support of your claim.

Arizona laws on parental alienation

In deciding child custody and parenting time cases — including requests for modifications — Arizona courts take into consideration the opinion of children who are sufficiently mature to form an intelligent preference. But the court must be sure the expressed preference is consistent with the child’s best interest. The court must be satisfied that one parent did not pressure or coach the child to favor that parent or to disfavor the other. The court will also explore the child’s reasoning and give less weight to the child’s opinion if it is unreasonable. As your attorneys in high-conflict custody matters such as these, we will bring the crucial evidence to the judge’s attention ourselves. Our overall goal is to prevent further harm to your relationship with your child.

Contact committed Arizona divorce attorneys for a consultation on parental alienation

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