Scottsdale Family Law Attorneys Assist with Post-Divorce Modifications

Divorce agreements can adapt to changing circumstances

The divorce agreement you worked so hard to negotiate may no longer reflect the reality of you and your children’s circumstances — financial and otherwise. Things change, which is why Arizona allows the modification of divorce agreements as they relate to legal decision-making authority, parenting time and child support. Also, the court reserves jurisdiction over your divorce as it relates to enforcement purposes. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P.C., we help you modify your divorce decree so it reflects your current circumstances. We will also help you challenge a proposed modification if it would interfere with your child custody, support or parenting time rights.

Some changes are easier to make than others

Under Sections 25-320 and 25-411 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, changes to child support and child custody arrangements are generally not difficult — the courts understand that as children grow, they have evolving needs. Common modifications to divorce agreements include:

  • Child support. Child support agreements may be modified for a number of reasons. Because of the loss of a job or a major pay cut, the noncustodial parent may no longer be able to provide the same level of financial support. On the other hand, the custodial spouse may request an increase in child support if, for example, the child develops a need for long-term medical care.
  • Legal decision-making authority. There are many reasons to alter a child custody agreement. Sometimes, teenagers decide they want to live with the noncustodial parent, or the custodial parent may have a job transfer but does not want to make the child change schools.
  • Parenting time. A parenting time agreement may be changed to give one parent more or less time with the children. Sometimes a parent’s work schedule changes, necessitating a change in parenting time.

We can also review everything that should be covered in a child support agreement.

Creating an agreement that is best for everyone

When the custodial parent wants to relocate with the child, tough parenting time and support issues arise, especially if the parent plans to move far away. When the custodial parent seeks a modification to allow relocation, the noncustodial parent often fights the move. Courts are reluctant to approve a modification that involves relocating the child if the move would make it difficult for the noncustodial parent to maintain regular parenting time.

A divorce agreement should allow everyone involved to live a fulfilling life. If your circumstances have changed, we can help you modify your agreement to ensure that the support and parenting time arrangements reflect what is best for you and your kids. On the other hand, if a proposed modification would harm you, we will help you challenge it.

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