Using Co-parenting Apps to Aid Family Relationships After a Divorce

When parents get divorced, they often deal with the diverse responsibilities of shared child custody. This means managing visitation schedules, school activities, medical care, transportation and other aspects of raising a child. Adhering to these duties can be more difficult when parents don’t get along or when either parent is uncooperative or forgetful. Whatever the situation and the challenges faced, the use of “co-parenting apps” can be of enormous help.

A co-parenting app is a software platform that provides a convenient forum for divorced parents to communicate, to store and share documents and to maintain schedules and calendars of events. There are a variety of co-parenting applications on the market, including these:

  • WeParent — This integrated application includes scheduling, expense tracking and communications modules.
  • OurFamilyWizard — This is another fully integrated package for scheduling, expense tracking and messaging.
  • Parentship — This platform includes a document storage facility and a highly flexible scheduling module.
  • Copilots — Besides scheduling and communication, this app allows for photograph and file sharing, much like a social media site.

Co-parenting apps are excellent communications tools. They notify each parent of incoming messages, including schedule change requests. Messages can be saved and archived. This function can prevent confusion and reduce the “he said, she said” disputes that cause problems that can lead to court intervention.

The apps’ calendar functions allow parents to input court-ordered parenting time schedules, including pickup/drop-off times and locations. The calendar can track appointments, school schedules, extracurricular activities, social events and even sleepover visits. The calendar identifies who added an event so that the other parent can see it and raise any questions. Used diligently, the calendar removes doubt about the child’s schedule and who is responsible for getting the child to where they need to be.

Some co-parenting applications include a financial module, which allows a parent to record childcare expenses in a spreadsheet that can be downloaded. The app allows for snapping a picture of a printed expense receipt and storing it online as proof of a purchase. Electronic receipts can also be stored. This functionality makes it easier to apportion child expenses as part of joint child support responsibility.

Another useful function available on some applications is document sharing and storage. This allows digital copies of critical documents to be kept online, such as the child’s birth certificate, passport, medical records and report cards. Also, one can store contact information for school officials, healthcare providers, clergy members, babysitters, friends and other people involved in the child’s life.

These apps not only make co-parenting easier to manage but can also enhance transparency and accountability. Your attorney can advise you further about how to use the apps to best advantage in your situation.

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