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Finding a Parenting Time Schedule That Suits Your Family

Boy and Mom Creating Schedule

After a divorce or legal separation involving children, it is common for one parent to have custody and the other to be allowed to spend time with the children on a regular schedule. This is known as parenting time, and in Arizona, a court will encourage the spouses to agree on a written schedule that […]

Why Teenagers Refuse Visitation and What to Do About It

Teenager With Arms Cross Not Happy To See Parent

Teenagers can be difficult in the best of situations, but divorced or separated parents might find that teenagers rebel against the parenting time schedule put in place by the court. You already have enough to deal with without this extra headache. You may wonder what you can do about it. Yet, there is a legal […]

What to Do if Your Child Refuses to Visit You as the Custody Order Requires

Child Crossing Arms Refusing To Visit With Parent

Joint custody orders provide for both parents spending time with their children regularly, which is meant to promote keeping their relationships close and strong. However, as a child grows older, they may show resistance to spending time with one of the parents. If you feel your rightful visitation with your child is being compromised, there […]

When Can Grandparents and Other Relatives Get Awarded Visitation?

Arizona recognizes the rights of grandparents and certain other people to child visitation in certain circumstances. However, these rights are in no way automatic. The person seeking visitation must petition the state court and must meet certain legal prerequisites. To be eligible to file a visitation petition, a person must stand “in loco parentis” to […]

How to Modify Parenting Time in Arizona

Parenting time, also known as visitation, is a privilege granted to divorced or separated parents who do not have sole custody of their children. A parenting plan is approved by the court based on the family’s situation at the time of the divorce. However, as children grow and as parents’ circumstances change, the parenting plan […]

Tips for Long-Distance Parenting After a Relocation

Long Distance Parenting After Relocation

Arizona permits people with minor children to relocate far away from the other parent, subject to certain requirements and limitations. Or there may be situations where the non-custodial parent moves away, such as to pursue a job opportunity. In either case, the relocation puts pressure on parenting time. Long-distance parenting is not ideal but there […]

Making a Strong Case for Child Custody

Well Cared for Child Can Help Child Custody

Child custody cases are often emotionally charged and contentious. Custody disputes involve two issues — each parent’s decision-making authority and parenting time with the child. If the parties cannot come to an agreement on their own or through mediation, any disputed matter will have to be decided by a judge. In that scenario, a parent […]

Proposed Arizona Law Would Let Teens Select Which Parent They Want to Live With

Happy Teenager and Parent

Parents can argue over legal decision-making and visitation issues long after a divorce is finalized, and the children are sometimes drawn into the conflict. Naturally, infants and toddlers have no say in these matters, but as children mature, some gain the intelligence and are able to articulate themselves to decide and express their preferences on where […]

Tips for Resolving a High-Conflict Custody Battle

Divorce can be particularly difficult for a couple’s children. The stable home environment and loving relationships they have experienced are suddenly upended and the future seems uncertain. The effect on the children is even worse when they are put in the middle of a custody fight. If your spouse is being combative or unreasonable in […]

Moving Out of State While Under a Child Custody Order

People may choose to relocate for any number of reasons after a divorce— such as to get a better job, to further their education or to be close to loved ones. However, a divorced parent with custody of minor children cannot make a long-distance move without satisfying certain legal requirements. Arizona requirements for custodial parent […]


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