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Critical Concerns in a High Net Worth Divorce

While there is no precise definition, a high net worth divorce usually involves a couple with property having an equity value in excess of $1 million. Due to the size, Read More

What to Do Before You File for Divorce in Arizona

Divorcing your spouse is a life-changing event and you shouldn’t go into it without careful thought and preparation. If you or your spouse are likely to file for divorce, taking Read More

Making Good Use of Arizona’s “Cooling Off” Period in a Divorce

When your marriage breaks down, it might be tempting to rush through divorce in order to end the tensions and conflicts and start a new chapter in your life. In Read More

Choosing Legal Separation as an Alternative to Divorce

Divorce is not the only option for spouses whose marriage is at the breaking point. Arizona law also recognizes legal separation. Divorce and separation are both court proceedings in which Read More

How is Arizona Child Support Adjusted for Parenting Time?

After a divorce, each parent’s obligation to support their children continues. Generally, child support is paid to the parent with whom the child lives, but if parenting time is shared, Read More

Moving Out of State While Under a Child Custody Order

People may choose to relocate for any number of reasons after a divorce— such as to get a better job, to further their education or to be close to loved Read More

Why You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce in Arizona

If you and your spouse have reached a mutual decision to end your marriage — and there are no disputes concerning property division, child custody or support — you may Read More

Do You Have a Right to Visit Your Grandchildren After Divorce?

For children, divorce doesn’t just mean no longer living with both parents under one roof. It also means the end of familiar routines, including visits to see extended family. For Read More

What a Prenuptial Agreement Means for Marriage and Divorce

A prenuptial agreement may seem antithetical to what marriage is supposed to be about: love and commitment. But having an agreement in place serves a salutary purpose: deciding in advance Read More

Do Couples Need To Go To Court For An Arizona Divorce?

If you choose an uncontested divorce, you can potentially go through the process without a hearing or a trial, provided you meet certain basic requirements and precisely follow procedures. However, Read More

Does Arizona Covenant Marriage Prevent Divorce?

Entering into a covenant marriage — which is not an easy process — requires couples to undergo pre-marital counseling and present a sworn affidavit as part of the marriage certificate Read More

Viewing 49 - 59 out of 59 posts


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